4. Release Notes

4.1. v0.2.2 (23 June 2013)

Version 0.2.2 brings bug fixes and minor features. Special thanks to Joshua Blake for extensive contributions on this release.

4.1.1. Core

  • Added ability for users who have set an e-mail address to reset forgotten passwords (requries SMTP setup)
  • Added experimental signals in Map that are precursors to the full logging system
  • Updated example local_settings.py file to include e-mail settings

4.1.2. Map

  • Extend destinations list to allow setting waypoints as well as destinations when run in a tursted IGB session
  • Destinations list is now sorted by number of jumps
  • Add logging signal for signature additions and updates
  • Fix regression introduced in v0.2 which caused Sov and WH Effect to not display on system tooltips
  • Performance enhancements for map refreshes
  • Added system name to Signatures, Active Pilots, and Starbases tabs in System Details view
  • Added GATE wormhole type to fixtures. Run ./manage.py loaddata Map/fixtures/wormholetypes.json to add it to your installation.

4.1.3. SiteTracker

  • Full site list for each member is no longer loaded automatically for the boss control panel for performance reasons. Select “Sites” under a member to load their site list.

4.2. v0.2 (4 June 2013)

Version 0.2 brings basic Alerts functionality, an improved Map UI, and lots of bug fixes.

4.2.1. Core

  • Added ability for users to change their own passwords
  • An optional e-mail field has been added to the registration form and the user profile
  • Registries have been added for Navigation entries, Admin sections, and Profile sections
  • The default wsgi.py module has been updated to work with Apache out of the box
  • Added icons to indicate collapsable UI components
  • Added a handler for default settings in Apps (‘manage.py defaultsettings’)

4.2.2. Map

  • The default signature types have been renamed in accordance with CCP changes in Odyssey
  • The bulk signature importer will now attempt to import signature types and names
  • The bulk signature importer will no longer attempt to import POSes as signatures
  • The System Details UI has been converted to a single tab pane to conserve space on small browser windows
  • Systems in the chain which are not the root and which have active pilots are now highligted with a yellow border ring
  • The system actions menu has been changed to a toolbar above the System Details tab pane
  • Clicking a system now opens System Details directly
  • Destinations have been broken into global and user scopes. Global destinations appear for everyone and user destinations appear for only the user who set it.
  • Users may set user destinations from the Settings page.
  • Wormholes that are End of Life now display how long they have been set EOL in the tooltip
  • Systems may now be “collapsed” from the chain, sperating their children into a sub-chain
  • Collapsed systems may be “Resurrected”, re-adding them to the main chain with the same wormhole status as the time of collapsing
  • The k-space route finder has been significantly optimized
  • The map legend is now spaced evenly
  • Regions are now shown in the tooltip for K-Space systems
  • The info and occupied boxes in System Details are now only shown if those fields have data
  • Adding or importing a signature with the exact same ID as one already on the map will cause the existing signature to be updated
  • Signatures entered as “AAA-123”, “AAA - 123”, or “AAA123” will be standardized to “AAA-123” automtically
  • Removed 8 character limitation for friendly names. Only 8 characters are displayed in the system ellipse.
  • The Map is now automatically refreshed every 15 seconds by default
  • Combined per-system wormhole and system tooltip requests into a single request each for system and wormhole tooltips
  • Attempting to add a POS for an unknown corp that is in an alliance is now more graceful
  • Fixed bug preventing the Cancel button on the Add POS dialog from functioning
  • Removed the ability to set “Explicit permissions” for users who are not Map Admins
  • Granted Map Admins the ability to see all maps regardless of permissions
  • The cursor will now give an indication that the Reload Map button is clickable

4.2.3. Alerts

  • Added the Alerts framework
  • Added a sample alert method class to the documentation
  • Added an alert method plugin for Jabber
  • Added an external authentication bridge for ejabberd
  • Fixed errors in the Jabber message template

4.2.4. SiteTracker

  • Added a first iteration of the SiteTracker status, fleet management, and fleet UIs
  • Added ability to weight site credit by system